Our expertise lies in building custom secure systems for our clients. With over a decade in the business, we have the knowledge and connections you need to get the job done right. Work with us and take your idea from the drawing board into production.

End-To-End Protection

CML has developed innovative chip, board, and system level protections to better secure designs from unauthorized tampering. Countermeasures to malicious software, firmware and hardware alteration are used to create integrated systems that self-police and protect against even the most sophisticated adversaries.

Safety Critical Systems

We have co-developed embedded systems for safety-critical medical devices, mass spectrometers, underground geolocation, and mission-critical aerospace prototypes.

Flexible & Low-Cost

Custom implementations using low cost microcontroller and FPGA components are a core CML area of expertise. We create safe, superior and cost-conscious designs using flexible components to meet customer requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Together we can co-develop technologies of the future. No partnership is too small, no challenge too great. Leverage our expertise and connections with trusted companies to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Success Stories

Together with partnering companies, we’ve developed many new novel products and ideas. We partner with organizations large and small to solve complex problems and build solutions.

Collaboration is Key

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