About Us

CML was founded in 2007 to advance the field of computer security. We believe a truly secure system requires multiple layers of protection, starting at the hardware level. Together, our team has the skills needed to build custom end-to-end solutions, from hardware and firmware defenses to graphical displays and data visualization. At any point from the design phase through to final manufacturing, we can work with you to make a product that is secure and reliable.

Meet the Team

Rick Hoover

Rick Hoover is a principal and a founding partner of Computer Measurement laboratory, LLC. Mr. Hoover began his distinguished career with Hewlett-Packard’s Boise Printer Division after finishing his master’s degree at Washington State University in 1987. Over his nearly twenty-year tenure with HP, Mr. Hoover influenced the state-of-the-art in laser and ink printer electronics, firmware and software, ranging from the early monochrome LaserJet Series IIP through the high speed color Indigo Press 5000. Mr. Hoover led the team of fourteen hardware engineers who designed the SoC and formatter PCB for the first Color LaserJet product line in the late 1990’s. He made significant technical contributions to both monochrome and color printers in the way of increased print quality and speed. As the lead architect, Mr. Hoover developed the hardware architecture for HP’s 2001-2003 mid-range through high end LaserJet products. Mr. Hoover was a section manager in HP’s Indigo Printer Division overseeing 20 geographically distributed team members when he retired from HP in 2005. Mr. Hoover also worked as a technical and marketing consultant for PMC-Sierra for two years prior to co-founding CML with Dr. John Munson in 2007. Since then, Mr. Hoover has co-developed multiple systems for monitoring executing software applications and driven the design and production of over a dozen PCB, FPGA and MPSoC designs. As part of that effort, he architected, designed and directed the manufacture of CML’s Xilinx Virtex-5 based FPGA Opus PCB that was formerly distributed through National Instruments Digilent subsidiary. Mr. Hoover has also designed and managed the manufacture of PCBs supporting multiple small-business commercial and R&D projects.

Jack Meador

Jack L. Meador Ph.D. is a principal at Computer Measurement Laboratory, LLC. Dr. Meador designed and fabricated his first integrated circuit of around 200 standard cells as a graduate student at GTE Labs in 1981. Just over twenty years later, he became the technical lead for several multi-million gate SoC ASICs, successfully organizing teams of as many as twenty geographically-distributed individual contributors for Hewlett-Packard’s printer division. From 1988 to 1999, Dr. Meador taught microelectronics and VLSI design as an assistant, then as an associate professor at Washington State University. Originally using the classic Berkeley Design Tools and later, commercial tool suites, he guided students through various aspects of integrated circuit design and test, targeting MOSIS for student design fabrication. As a professor, he was also among the first researchers worldwide to investigate IC implementation of pulse-coded neural networks where mixed-signal microelectronic circuits emulate the electrical pulsing behavior of neurons. Dr. Meador joined CML in 2008 and has subsequently enjoyed a somewhat relaxing freedom from netlist ECOs, tape outs and the threat of multi-million dollar silicon re-spins, thanks to FPGA targets. Since joining CML, Dr. Meador has conducted Cyber Security R&D for multiple SBIR contracts focused on using independent out-of-band hardware to protect embedded system firmware and software. Dr. Meador is also responsible for having architected and directed the design of CML’s Xilinx Kintex-7 NetFPGA-1G-CML PCB which is currently distributed through National Instrument’s Digilent subsidiary and being actively used as part of AFRL’s AVAMP.

Mike Merrell

Michael Merrell is a Master Engineer at Computer Measurement Laboratory. During his career, his roles have included technical leadership, mentoring of new engineers, working with partners from across the US and the globe, and managing requirements, schedules and deliverables for ASIC hardware and firmware projects. Mr. Merrell hired on to Hewlett Packard’s Boise Printer division in 2001 and spent 8 years working as an ASIC design engineer. During this time he worked as both an individual contributor on key imaging subsystems as well as a technical lead on world class ASIC solutions for HP’s print and scan products. In 2009 Mr. Merrell joined CML and worked as a firmware engineer on CML’s CARMA project. In 2011 he returned to HP as a firmware engineer, working on scan and print firmware projects for both ink and Laser Jet systems within HP. In 2017 Mr. Merrell returned to CML, taking on the role of Expert computer engineer. Currently within CML he has worked in FPGA hardware, firmware, Linux software and UEFI BIOS development to support CMLs BLAM and Execution Integrity R&D projects.

Eric Swegert

Eric Swegert is a computer engineer at Computer Measurement Laboratory. Over the course of his career his roles have included: Investigating cyber security tools & techniques; developing protections technologies targeting out-of-band FPGA platforms & PC platforms; integrating protection technologies into existing DoD systems; and testing cyber protection augmented DoD systems in real world environments. Eric joined the DoD contracting world in 2012 when he began working for Edaptive Computing in Dayton, OH. In early 2017, he went to work for the Avionics Vulnerability Mitigation Branch within the Sensor’s Directorate at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH. Following his time as an Air Force civilian, Eric came to CML where he continues to develop, integrate, & test cyber protections technologies within AFRL’s RAPTR Lab.

Jaeden Savoie

Jaeden Savoie has been working at Computer Measurement Laboratory since the summer of 2017 while a Junior at Meridian Technical Charter High School. After graduating in 2018, Jaeden has continued with a college internship while studying for a Business ITM bachelors degree at Boise State University, where he is in his second year of study. Jaeden’s work at CML has helped him enhance existing skills while building new ones related to cyber security, programming, and electronics. Jaeden currently maintains CML’s IDPS, helps guide CMMC and CISA compliance, and supports circuit assembly and test. As an Eagle Scout, his passions include camping, collecting vinyls, and cooking.