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Design Unique Cyber Security Solutions

For your mission critical networks and components

Advanced Computer Systems Security

CML is conducting pioneering research and development into multiple integrated layers of security for enhanced hardware, firmware and software cyber protection. We provide secure, reliable, and powerful electronic defense systems which incorporate a comprehensive, robust infrastructure into the full-system design at low cost and minimal performance overhead. CML’s areas of expertise include:

  • Software and Firmware Protection
  • PCB Design Hardening
  • FPGA & Embedded System Development
  • Cyber Security R&D


Full System Protection

CML has developed innovative chip, board, and system level protections to better secure designs from unauthorized tampering. Countermeasures to malicious software, firmware and hardware alteration including dynamic behavior- and data-based analysis, Trojan disruption, and covert design hardening are used to create integrated systems that self-police and protect against even the most sophisticated adversaries.


Safety and Mission Critical Systems

CML has co-developed embedded system designs for safety-critical medical devices, mass spectrometers, underground geolocation, and mission-critical systems having potential aerospace applications. Flexible implementations using low cost microcontroller and FPGA components are a core CML area of expertise. We create safe, superior and cost-conscious designs using flexible components to meet customer requirements.


Partnership = Force Multiplier

CML works with partner companies to develop new technologies that far exceed contemporary capabilities. Very high speed network data processing and hardware security, disk hardware security, and intelligent controls are all areas in which we have helped our partners research new concepts and develop innovative ideas. CML welcomes opportunities to co-develop fresh technologies with corporate partners of any size.